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We focus on these key areas:
  • ➜ Leadership & Career Advancement.
  • ➜ Personal Development.
  • ➜ Entrepreneurship.
  • ➜ Business Support.
  • ➜ Develop skills in leveraging their network.
  • ➜ Support and promote businesses and entrepreneurship opportunities through best practices exchanges on defined subjects.


* Carefully read the criteria.
* Self Nomination is encouraged
* Complete every section, making sure your answers directly relate to the criteria.
* Be specific. Include facts and figures.
* Pretend you are writing this for someone who has never heard of the nominee. Help us get to know them by including as much detail as possible.



USBCCI Business Excellence Awards 2023 is a prestigious recognition that honors outstanding businesses in various industries across the globe. It is a great opportunity for all businesses, big or small, to showcase their achievements, innovations, and contributions to the industry and the community. Winning this award can significantly boost a company's credibility, reputation, and exposure, leading to more business opportunities and partnerships.

For nominis, this is an excellent chance to stand out from their competitors and establish themselves as leaders in their respective fields. The USBCCI GLOBAL BUSINESS EXCELLENCE AWARDS-2023 recognizes not only financial success but also excellence in areas such as customer service, sustainability, social responsibility, and innovation. Therefore, businesses that have made significant contributions to their communities or have implemented sustainable practices can also apply and have a chance to win.

The nomination process is straightforward, and any business can apply by filling out the nomination form and submitting the required documents. The judging panel comprises reputable business experts and leaders who will evaluate each application based on the criteria set by the USBCCI. Finalists will be announced in September 2023, and the winners will be honored during the award ceremony.


Please carefully complete this form in its entirety. Submit completed nomination form with attachments to the U.S. Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry at info@usbcci.org or hard copies (2 sets including customer testimonials and supporting documents) can be delivered to 10917 205th Street, Saint Albans, New York, 11412 Telephone: (718) 864-3245, 718-598-1425.

Nomination Deadline: August 10th, 2023

Please Note: You have the opportunity to submit nominations in 1 category (per business). Check out the full list of categories at www.usbcci.org Businesses nominated in only select 1 categories to put forth for submission.