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The USBCCI Business Expo 2024, organized by the U.S. Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce & Industry (USBCCI) in collaboration with the Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA) and Export Promotion Bureau (EPB), is an influential B2B trade & investment show, conference, and networking event designed to facilitate the expansion of export-ready products from the United States and Bangladesh into international markets. Held on the margins of the 78th session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA78), this event serves as a unique platform for fostering economic partnerships, exploring investment opportunities, and strengthening bilateral trade relations between the two nations.

Bangladesh has become a frontier market and one of the world’s economic success stories. Since its freedom in 1971, the nation has made significant progress. It is currently ranked 40th in the world by nominal GDP, according to Goldman Sachs, and is one of the Next 11 rising economies. In 2015, Bangladesh crossed the line into the lower middle-income category.

According to the World Economic Forum, Bangladesh is maintaining a solid economic trajectory and is outpacing other South Asian nations in terms of GDP growth rate, human development achievements, and ranking on the Inclusive economic Index (IDI).

The Government of Bangladesh recognizes the substantial contributions of the private sector and is committed to creating a more suitable investment climate in order to sustain and grow the business community. In 2019 the country became a Top-20 improver of the World Bank’s Doing Business index. Bangladesh is also embracing digital transformation. To enable quick and frictionless G2B service delivery, the country launched an online and interoperable One Stop Service for investor services from numerous agencies. Furthermore, the government’s digital inclusion policy seeks to increase the use of mobile money and other digital payment channels.

Bangladesh, a place of endless investment prospects, continues to demonstrate its resilience as an economy and society. The government looks forward to welcoming additional investors to take advantage of its unrivaled benefits.



The USBCCI Business Expo 2024 aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Facilitate Market Expansion: The expo will provide a comprehensive platform for US and Bangladeshi businesses to showcase their export-ready products, connect with potential buyers, and explore opportunities to expand into international markets.
  • Promote Bilateral Trade: The event seeks to enhance bilateral trade relations between the United States and Bangladesh by fostering partnerships, encouraging collaboration, and facilitating business matchmaking between companies from both countries.
  • Showcase Investment Potential: The USBCCI Business Expo will highlight Bangladesh’s investment potential and attract foreign direct investment (FDI) by showcasing the country’s strategic advantages, investment-friendly policies, and diverse sectors with growth opportunities.
  • Knowledge Sharing and Capacity Building: Through a series of conferences, panel discussions, workshops and B2B sessions, the expo will provide a platform for industry experts, policymakers, and business leaders to share insights, discuss trends, and exchange best practices on international trade and investment.

Event Highlights

  • Trade Show: The USBCCI Business Expo 2024 will feature a trade show where exhibitors from various industries can showcase their products and services. This platform will enable participants to connect with potential buyers, distributors, and partners, fostering new business collaborations.
  • Business Matchmaking: The event will facilitate B2B matchmaking sessions, enabling companies to engage in pre-arranged meetings with potential clients or partners based on their business profiles, products, and preferences. This personalized approach will enhance networking opportunities and maximize business outcomes.
  • Conferences and Panel Discussions: A series of conferences and panel discussions will cover a wide range of topics relevant to international trade and investment. Renowned industry leaders, subject matter experts, and policymakers will share their insights, experiences, and knowledge to help businesses navigate the complexities of expanding into international markets successfully.
  • Cultural Exchange: The event will also showcase the rich cultural heritage of both the United States and Bangladesh, fostering cultural understanding and promoting people-to-people connections. Cultural performances, art exhibitions, and traditional cuisine will contribute to a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere.

Target Audience

The USBCCI Business Expo 2024 is primarily aimed at:

  • Export-Ready Businesses: Companies from the United States and Bangladesh with export-ready products and services seeking to expand their market reach.
  • Investors and Venture Capitalists: Representatives from investment firms, venture capitalists, and financial institutions interested in exploring investment opportunities in Bangladesh.
  • Government Officials and Policymakers: High-level government officials and policymakers from both the United States and Bangladesh, fostering dialogue on trade and investment policies to promote economic growth.
  • Industry Professionals and Experts: Subject matter experts, industry leaders, and professionals seeking to share knowledge, explore trends, and engage in meaningful discussions on international trade and investment.
  • Trade Associations and Chambers of Commerce: Representatives from trade associations, chambers of commerce, and business organizations supporting the growth and expansion of bilateral trade.

Potential Stakeholders

The U.S. Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce & Industry (USBCCI) will host the Expo with technical support from the Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA) and Export Promotion Bureau (EPB). Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (BSEC), SME Foundation, BASIS, e-CAB, other GoB Ministries and Agencies Facilitating Investments, Bangladeshi Embassy in USA, local business chambers and associations, relevant think-tanks, academic bodies, and media partners are just a few of the additional local and international partners that will be on board.


The Business Expo 2024, organized by the U.S. Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce & Industry (USBCCI), can be outlined as follows:

Part A: Economic Resilience and Competitiveness

Theme 1: Investment Competitiveness and Business Environment: Reaching New Heights in the New Normal

  • Overview of Bangladesh’s investment competitiveness and business environment
  • Presentation of the pro-private sector regime and incentives/facilities for investors
  • Success stories and case studies of businesses thriving in the current economic landscape

Theme 2: Economic Zones: Exceeding All Expectations

  • Introduction to the economic zones in Bangladesh and their significance
  • Showcasing the advantages and opportunities offered by economic zones for investment
  • Testimonials from companies operating in economic zones and their experiences

Theme 3: Industry 4.0: Future of Manufacturing

  • Exploring the concept of Industry 4.0 and its relevance to Bangladesh’s manufacturing sector
  • Discussing technological advancements and innovations driving Industry 4.0
  • Highlighting investment opportunities in advanced manufacturing technologies and digitalization

Part B: Sectoral Investment Opportunities

Sector 1: Agribusiness: Growth by Nature

  • Presenting the potential and investment opportunities in Bangladesh’s agribusiness sector
  • Showcasing success stories and innovations in agribusiness
  • Highlighting the scope for value addition and sustainable growth in the sector

Sector 2: Ready Made Garments and Textiles: Weaving the Way

  • Overview of Bangladesh’s thriving ready-made garments and textiles industry
  • Exploring investment opportunities in textile manufacturing, fashion, and design
  • Discussing sustainable practices and compliance standards in the industry

Sector 3: Electrical and Electronics Manufacturing: Ride the Current

  • Highlighting Bangladesh’s emerging electrical and electronics manufacturing sector
  • Showcasing investment potential in electronics production, components, and renewable energy
  • Exploring partnerships and collaborations for technology transfer and capacity building

Sector 4: Footwear and Accessories: Step it up

  • Presenting the investment opportunities in Bangladesh’s footwear and accessories industry
  • Showcasing the growth potential and competitive advantages in the sector
  • Discussing design, branding, and market access strategies for international investors

Sector 5: Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare: Healthy Living for All

  • Overview of Bangladesh’s pharmaceuticals and healthcare industry
  • Showcasing investment opportunities in pharmaceutical manufacturing and healthcare services
  • Discussing research and development, quality assurance, and export potential

Sector 6: Transport and Logistics: The Right Move

  • Highlighting Bangladesh’s transport and logistics infrastructure and potential
  • Exploring investment opportunities in ports, railways, roadways, and logistics services
  • Discussing government initiatives and policies to improve connectivity and efficiency

Sector 7: Information and Communication Technology (ICT): Embrace the Digital Revolution

  • Presenting the investment potential in Bangladesh’s ICT sector
  • Showcasing success stories and innovations in software development, digital services, and e-commerce
  • Discussing the government’s focus on digital transformation and opportunities for international partnerships

Note: The actual agenda and session details may vary depending on the specific arrangements made by the USBCCI for the Business Expo.

Expected Outcomes

  • Enhanced Business Opportunities: The expo will create an environment conducive to establishing business partnerships, generating leads, and identifying new opportunities for companies from both the United States and Bangladesh.
  • Increased Trade Volumes: The USBCCI Business Expo will contribute to boosting bilateral trade between the United States and Bangladesh by facilitating the exploration of new markets, expanding product offerings, and establishing distribution networks.
  • Attracted Foreign Direct Investment: The event will raise awareness of Bangladesh’s investment potential, attracting foreign investors and promoting economic growth in the country.
  • Knowledge Transfer and Skill Development: Participants will benefit from the knowledge-sharing sessions, and workshops, gaining valuable insights into international trade practices, market entry strategies, and regulatory frameworks.
  • Strengthened Bilateral Relations: The USBCCI Business Expo will serve as a platform for fostering stronger bilateral relations, cultural exchange, and people-to-people connections between the United States and Bangladesh.


You’ll have the opportunity to hear success stories from a panel of speakers.


You’ll find new ways to improve your business and your community.


Renowned local and international speakers are going to attend the Expo to share their learning and experience of Business Expo.


You’ll have the chance to learn from other local business owners and leaders.

LISTEN TO THE Event Speakers

Md Liton Ahmed

President at U.S Bangladesh Chamber Of Commerce & Industry

Nurul Majid Mahmud Humayun MP

Honorable Minister Ministry of Industries Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh



Dr. A. K. Abdul Momen, MP

Foreign Minister Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

M S Shekil Chowdhury

Chairperson and Founder: Centre for NRB

Dilip Chauhan

Deputy Commissioner, Trade, Investment, and Innovation for International Affairs

Mr. Tipu Munshi, MP

Honorable Minister, Ministery of Commerce

Bakht Rumman Birteez

Vice President, USBCCI

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